About the LCGB

The Lambretta Club of Great Britain is the largest Lambretta club in the world with over 5,000 members.

We offer a huge range of services to our members, from various Club Shop items to help and advice on all things from running to restoring your Lambretta.

The Lambretta motor scooter started life way back in 1947, to get Italy mobile after the second world war. Who would have thought that along with Vespa, this little motor scooter would catch on in such a big way and revolutionise the way people travelled. In fact the Lambretta scooter was so successful that owners clubs appeared around the world as the Lambretta became not only a means of transport but a hobby and a way of life.

Today the Lambretta Club of Great Britain along with other national Lambretta clubs not only continue in promoting the Lambretta lifestyle, but also the preservation of this now classic and vintage motor scooter.
For those of you just getting back into the world of Lambretta, we have a number of topics to help and guide you with buying Lambrettas today. In particular the Buyers Guide offers basic help on how to avoid buying a bad one! Our workshop section also contains information to help you in your search to buy the right scooter. Our model guides can also be used to give you the correct knowledge and questions to ask before buying.

Our site also contains a whole host of helpful information on Lambretta scooters, standard specifications for all models, including history, production figures and specifications for all models made around the world. We also have pages for help, advice and technical information and workshop articles. As Lambretta owners sometimes customise their scooters, we also have a tuning guide. One particular corner of our web site that may help you are our Forums, with such topics as Rallies and Events, For Sale, Wanted and probably the most helpful bunch of users in the world for when you need that important question answering!

As you probably already know, Lambretta today is as popular as it has ever been, with people continuing their passion with the Motor scooter from Italy. Our web site alone attracts many, many thousands of hits per month. All this for a passion for Lambretta!