Advertise with us...

We have a few ways to advertise on the LCGB web site. We currently attract over 40,000 visitors each month, from every corner of the world. Advertising on the web site not only attracts the widest possible audience, but is also targeted to your business, Lambretta!

Advertising Cost Options:
1. A text link only on our links page is free

2. A banner in a prominent postion on the links page
6 Months = £25
12 Months = £40

3. A banner or block advert within agreed areas of the site
6 Months = £45
12 Months = £80

4. A banner or block advert on the front page
6 Months = £80
12 Months = £150

The Size of your adverts:
You should supply the artwork for your banner or block advert. If you cannot provide artwork, we can help create it for you at an agreed cost depending upon the work involved.

You advert may NOT exceed the following dimensions:
Banner = (Width, 350 pixels) x (Depth, 50 to 60 pixels)

Block = (Width, 210 pixels) x (Depth, 100 pixels)

Adverts need to be pre booked on a first come first served basis. Other pages or particular pages can be discussed on an individual basis.

Payment for advertising is only accepted after approval.
Payment can be carried out by cheque or Paypal.
Use our contact page to apply.

Placing an advert
Please have a look around our site, choose the page(s) you would like to advertise on. You should manually make a note of the page name and email your enquiry using the contact details above right. Once the banner has been accepted and confirmation of the page booking is given, payment will be requested. If you need further help just e-mail.

All adverts are subject to our approval.


Link to the Official LCGB Web Site

Should you wish to link to the LCGBs web site, please use one of the following methods:-

Straight forward text links

Copy this html code:
<a href="">Lambretta Club of Great Britain</a>
Link looks like on your web site:
Lambretta Club of Great Britain

Copy this html code:
<a href="">LCGB</a>
Link looks like on your web site:

Image link
You are welcome to resize the image, but please take the image and save it to your own server. To do this, right click the image, choose save as, and save it to your local computer. Upload the Image to your own web space, and place the link on your site.

Copy this html code for use on a White Background :-
<a href="">
<img src=""</a>

Copy this html code for use on a Coloured Background :-
<a href="">
<img src=""</a>

Please note: the clubs logo is protected by copyright. You are hereby granted permission to use the logo for use in making a link back to the clubs site. You are not permitted to change or alter the logo in any way shape or form except: You may downscale the size of the logo if aspect ratios are maintained. You are not granted permission to use the logo in any other way