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20th Euro Jamboree
Grange-de-Lings, Lincoln UK. 5th - 7th June 09

The 20th
Euro Lambretta

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20th Euro Lambretta Jamboree

The 20th Euro Lambretta Jamboree is being organised by the Lambretta Club of Great Britain and the LCGB Committee are putting all our efforts into ensuring it is a highly successful event. As you can appreciate it has been an extremely difficult task trying to work out a system that is fair to all members, both here in the UK and those in other national clubs.

For those members who have not been to one before, Euro Lambretta rallies are organised and run according to a fairly long-established format. One of the guidelines is that tickets to the Euro are allocated broadly on the basis of each national clubs membership and turnout at previous Jamborees.

What we have tried to do is stay true to this basic format while at the same time recognising that the LCGB has the largest membership of all Lambretta clubs worldwide and many UK members may want to attend if possible. As with any event where you are trying to ensure that facilities are not overwhelmed by those attending, we are restricted to a maximum number of tickets that can be made available - in this case 1,000 tickets in total.

This will still make it much bigger than the past few years Euro Lambretta events, which will hopefully allow as many LCGB members as possible to attend.

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We are trying to provide high quality camping, catering, and entertainment in a way that will - hopefully- reflect the LCGBs standing in the Lambretta community worldwide.

Euro Jamboree Location
Lincolnshire County Showground

This year’s Euro Lambretta is taking place at Lincolnshire County Showground, a 205 acre site about 180 kilometres from London, with a wide range of facilities for those who are camping and pr taking caravans, including hot and cold showers, bars and food available on site.

It is also where the Friday and Saturday evening meals will be provided as well as the entertainment.

The Showground address is:
Grange-de-Lings, Lincoln, LN2 2NA.
For more information, CLICK HERE:

Click HERE for Google Map.

City of Lincoln

The historic city of Lincoln is only three or four short miles away. Lincoln itself began as a Roman town in 48 AD. It was a “colonia”, a settlement for retired soldiers. The word “lindo” means pool in the Celtic language. So the Romans called the new town “Lindum colonia”. The name Lindum was corrupted to Lindon then finally to Lincoln.

After the Romans left, the town was conquered fist by the Angles, a German tribe, then by the Danes. The city’s famous Cathedral dates back to the 11th century. Lincoln continued to grow as a market town from the Middle Ages onwards, until the 19th century, when it engineering became the main industry. Today, tourism is a major source of employment.

Regular transport into Lincoln will be available from the Showground. More information about Lincoln (in English), including links to accommodation, can be found by

Wartime connections

During the 2nd World War, Lincolnshire became one of the main regions in the UK for RAF airfields, with more than 50 in operations throughout the war.

A full programme of events will be given to all those registering at the campsite.

More information about Lincolnshire can be found by CLICKING HERE: