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Club Shop 'Get You Home Spares' - Updated 14/11/20

Technical help for Series one, two and three Lambrettas. Models include the Li, Li Special, TV, SX, GP, Serveta and API/SIL models

Club Shop 'Get You Home Spares' - Updated 14/11/20

Postby Toot » Thu Mar 26, 2020 1:13 pm

Club Shop 'Get You Home Spares' List - For Members Information

Following increasing requests, members have asked if I could produce a detailed list of the 'Get You Home Spares' that are usually carried to rallies and events within the Club Shop stock. (Members have found after purchasing from other dealers at events, they could have purchased the same parts cheaper from the LCGB Club Shop stall).

Below is the complete list and current price of each item. I will update any prices, should they increase or decrease, as new stock is ordered (i.e. €/£ exchange rate fluctuations)

I don't usually sell these spares other than 'over the table' at events/Rallies, as the postage cost on top of the prices below will usually make it cheaper to buy the parts direct from either Scooter Restorations or Andy Francis Scooters (both very good supporters of supplying of parts to the LCGB Club Shop at a discount).

However, as parts supply appears to be drying up during the current Covid-19 pandemic, if members wish to buy parts by post direct from the Club Shop (thus putting funds directly back into the Club) I am happy to obtain a shipping cost and let you know. (The likes of Flywheels, Tyres and Oil with postage costs will make these items much more expensive).

Some items are available on eBay, (highlighted below), however at a slightly increased price to offset the fees involved with selling on that site.

To buy items from the list below, this is done through an initial email to confirm your order. I will then check the stock and email you an invoice that can by paid by Credit or Debit Card, PayPal or that you can print off and send to me with a Cheque or Postal Order, It could not be any simpler. If you have any queries, get in touch preferably be email: or leave me a message on 0771 936 4592 and I'll get back to you when I can (Note: I do not have the facility to take payment over the phone).

Get You Home Spares List - Updated 14th November 2020 (Items listed in Red are currently out of stock)

Barrel Stud & Nut Set (4) £8.50
Brake/Clutch Cable Trunnion 60p
Carb Rubber (20-25mm) £13.00
Carb Rubber (26-30mm) £14.00
Carb Rubber (34-30mm) Stepped £14.50
Carb Rubber (30mm with Jubilee Clips) £15.00
Carb Rubber (28-30mm PHBH)
Carb Rubber (34mm) Dellorto £13.00
Carb Rubber (35mm) Mikuni TMX
Carb Rubber (Bolt on 28-30mm TMX) £26.50
Carb Rubber (Bolt on - 35mm TMX) £26.50
Carb Rubber Circlip (30-45mm x 9mm) £0.60
Castrol Classic ST90 Gear Box Oil £11.00
CDI Unit (Ducati) £30.00
CDI Rubber Cover
Chaincase Breather Plug £3.50
Chaincase Exhaust Stud (M8 x47mm) w/w & Nut £1.50
Chaincase Gasket £3.50
Chaincase Cork Gasket £5.00
Chaincase Oil Level Plug £3.50
Chaincase Studs (M6 x 33mm) w/washer & nut £1.00
Chaincase Tailpipe Stud (M6 x 37mm) w/w & nut £1.00
Clutch Arm Circlip £0.30
Clutch Arm Oil Seal £0.50
Clutch & Brake Lever Fixing Bolt
Clutch Cable Complete £6.00
Clutch Cable Inner £2.00
Clutch Circlip £3.00
Clutch Kit (Surflex) - 4 Plate £40.00
Clutch Kit (Surflex) - 5 Plate £60.00
Clutch Plates (Surflex B) £20.00
Clutch Plates (AF Cassette) £32.00
Clutch Springs - Standard (Set of 5) £5.00
Conti Twist Tyres £30.00
Conti Twist Race Tyres £44.00
Disc Brake Pads £15.00
Disc Brake Nuts and Washers Set of 3 (Stainless) £15.00
Drain Plug £6.50
Drain Plug Fibre Washers £0.50
Engine Bolt Nut £2.00
Engine Bolt Washer £0.50
Engine Mounts (SIL) £25.00
Engine Stand £6.00
Exhaust Bobbins - M6 £3.00
Exhaust Bobbins - M8 £6.00
Exhaust Gasket (Std) £3.00
Exhaust Gasket (TS1) £3.00
Exhaust Nut (Brass) £1.00
Exhaust Spring (JL) £2.00
Exhaust Stub (M7 x 30 mm) £1.00
Exhaust Stud (M7 x 36 mm) Set of 2 £2.50
Flywheel Nut & Washer £3.50
Fork Bearing (Top) £2.50
Fork Bearing (Bottom) £4.00
Fuel Tap (Fast Flow) Normal Exit £13.00
Fuel Tap (Fast Flow) Rear Exit £15.00
Gearbox End Plate Studs, Nuts & Washers
Gear Cable Complete £6.00
Gear Cable Inner £2.00
Gear/Clutch Trunnion Set (Stainless) £7.50
Gear/Clutch Trunnion Set (with Allen Key) £4.50
Gear Selector Arm Circlip
GP/SX (SIL) Electronic Stator £45.00
GP BGM 120W Stator (Version 4) £84.00
GP (Lightened) Electronic Flywheel £85.00
GP (SIL) Electronic Flywheel £75.00
Headlight Rim Screw £0.50
HT Lead (per 750mm) £2.50 - See Spark Plug Set below - available on eBay
HT Lead Rubber Cover £2.00
Lever - Hydraulic Brake (single)
Levers - Standard Set S1/2 (Pair) £10.00
Levers - Standard Set S3 (Pair) £13.00
Lighting Regulator (Ducati) £28.00
Michelin Inner Tube 45 Degree £8.50
Michelin Inner Tube 90 Degree £8.50
Nord-Lock M8 Washers (Pack of 4) £2.50 - available on eBay: search 'Nord Lock Lambretta'
Nord-Lock M8 Washers (Three Packs of 4) £7.00 - available on eBay: search 'Nord Lock Lambretta'
Oil Seal Reating Plate Screws (Pack 4) £1.00
Oil Measuring Jug 2% £2.50
Original Bridge Piece Fixing Clip Set £11.00
Petrol Can - Wide Filler Neck (2 Litre) £14.00
Petrol Pipe - Wire reinforced (per 300mm) £2.50
Petrol Pipe (per 300mm) £1.00
Petrol Pipe Clip (10-11mm) £0.50
Petrol Tank
Petrol Tank Cap £5.00
Petrol Tank Cap Rubber £1.00
Petrol Tank Rubbers Set £8.00
Petrol Tank Strap (Single) £4.00
Petrol Tank Strap Trunnions (Pair) £4.00
Petrol Tap Grommet £1.00
Petrol Tap Joint £2.00
Pick Up Box (Genuine Piaggio) £20.00
Rear Brake Cable Inner (Threaded) £10.00
Rear Hub Cone - Series 2 - Early S3 £6.00
Rear Hub Cone - Late Li Series 3 & GP £8.00
Rear Hub - SIL (Powder coated Grey or Black) £50.00
Rear Hub - UNI £55.00
Rear Hub Allen Screw (7mm) £1.00
Rear Hub Lock Washer, Allen Screw & Washer £3.00
Rear Hub Locking Kit (Stainless) £14.50
Rear Hub Locking Kit (3 Point Stainless)
Rear Hub Nut £4.00
Rear Hub Wavy Washer £0.60
Rear Hub Stud £2.00
Rear Light Screw £0.50
Rear Shocker (Escort) Series 1 & 2 (310 mm) £40.00
Rear Shocker (Escort) Series 3 (300 mm) £40.00
Rear Shocker Nut (Stainless) £1.50
Rear Shocker Washer (Stainless) £0.50
Reed Valve (TS1) Carbon Petals £13.50
Reed Valve (TS1) Inlet Gasket Set £4.00
Rock Oil ST90 Gear Box Oil £7.00
Silkolene Comp 2 - 2 Stroke Oil (1 Litre)
Silkolene Comp 2 - 2 Stroke Oil (4 Litre)
Silkolene Super 2 - 2 Stroke Oil (1 Litre)

SIP Hub Nuts (set of 4) £5.00
SIP Hub Studs (set of 4) £10.00
SLUK Bridge Piece Fixing Kits £12.00 plus £1 P&P - available on eBay - A donation of £1 from each set sold goes to LCGB 2020 chosen Charities
Spark Plug (NGK B6ES) £2.00
Spark Plug (NGK B6HS) £2.00
Spark Plug (NGK B7ES) £2.00
Spark Plug (NGK B7HS) £2.00
Spark Plug (NGK B8ES) £2.00
Spark Plug (NGK B9ES) £2.00
Spark Plug (NGK BR8ES) £3.00
Spark Plug (NGK BR9ES) £3.00
Spark Plug Cap (NGK LB05EMH) £4.50
Spark Plug Cap (Champion PRO5U Red) £4.50
Spark Plug - (Champion N2C)
Spark Plug - (Champion N3C) £2.50
Spark Plug - (Champion N4C) £2.50
Spark Plug - (Champion RN2C) £3.00
Spark Plug - (Champion RN3C) £3.00
Spark Plug Set - Plug, Cap, HT Lead and LCGB Sticker - available on eBay £10/£11
Stand Spring £4.50
Stand Spring (Chrome) £5.00
Sticky's Lambretta Manual (Version 3) £25 plus £3 P&P - available on eBay
Throttle Cable Complete £6.00
Throttle Cable Inner £2.00
Throttle Cable Solderness Nipple (Brass) 80p
Wheel Rim - SIL £20.00
Wheel Rim (Italian) £26.00
Wheel Rim Nut - Nyloc (White) 40p
Woodruff Key 60p
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