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New Forum Re-Opening Statement from the Committee

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New Forum Re-Opening Statement from the Committee

Postby Paul Slack » Tue May 27, 2014 3:08 pm

Dear LCGB Members,

It is with great regret that following a short period of interruption on the server hosting both our web site and forums, we suffered a fatal crash which resulted in total loss of data. Following the server crash, everything possible that could be done, was done in order to retrieve the situation and restore some, if not all of the data stored within it. Unfortunately, after every effort was made, it became clear that the crash had indeed damaged the storage facility of the server and both our web site and forums were lost.

As any responsible web builders, we had in place a full back up (off-line) of our web site almost to the day and were able to replace this as soon as we had a stable platform on which to host it. Some of the data stored, such as the shop and newsblog were created ‘on the fly’ and as such, were gone for good. We have also taken steps to ensure this never happens again and have a new system for bringing members the latest LCGB news as well as access to shopping with our club.

Our biggest regret however, is that many many thousands of contributions to our forums have also gone forever. This is heartbreaking. Not only for us as a club, but also to the people who made those contributions and the many thousands who benefit from them.

On a brighter note, work has been on-going, behind the scenes to install brand new forums, with the latest software, super usability and loads of features previously not available on the old forums. This task has been carried out by those involved in their own time, without charge and at great pains to ensure this time, it is right. The forums will soon build up again and we hope you enjoy using them even more than before.

We sincerely apologise for the time spent off line but can assure you we did everything possible to keep this period as short as we could. And for your patience, we thank you.

A personal thanks to those involved in restoring what we could, particularly Martin Weeks and especially Rob Devlin in building what will be a better system going forward and who's effort was exceptional in getting us back and keeping us organised going forward.

Paul Slack - LCGB Webmaster
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Paul Slack
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