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DVLA cock up

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DVLA cock up

Postby solostax » Tue May 14, 2019 2:12 pm

I guess now and again someone has got to get problems with bureaucracy ,this time its my turn.!
The following is part of the reply to DVLA.
Dear sir /madam
"Being regularly chased up by my insurance company who have issued me with temporary cover note for a Lambretta scooter imported from Spain by virtue of its frame number.I phoned again to enquire as to progress in issuing an age related number ,to be told that my application is rejected on the grounds that the “Letter Of Authenticity” issued by the “Lambretta Club Of Great Britain” is not on the list of approved organisations accepted for the purpose.
This is seems very strange as I have first hand knowledge that many imported scooters have been authenticated by the LCGB, who are recognised body.
Indeed when pointed by yourselves to your .Gov site listing (V765-1) I find the LCGB is most definitely listed.
I now have the inconvenience of re-submitting the original paperwork and further delay in your processing. (10 working days minus weekends= 2.5 weeks)
Could you please furnish an explanation as to what has really gone wrong with my application?.
At original posting the last week in April ,I also submitted payment for the road tax to start from the 1st May ,but seems this month will be wasted in the mess of bureaucracy".
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Re: DVLA cock up

Postby Rich Oswald » Tue May 14, 2019 6:31 pm

Hi mate,

I will try and answer a few of the points made in this statement.

1. Insurance is not a requirement to obtain a first registration of an imported vehicle and can be done when taxing it after the new reg' No is received, however if the scooter is dated as manufactured post January 1979 (40 years old and rolling) and is not classed as a Vehicle Of Historic Interest then in this instance can be Insured and pre-paid for road tax along with the V55/5 application.

2. There is no such thing as an approved list of organisations for issuing authentications.

3. There IS a list of approved organisations as pointed out, to process V765 applications, which can be found as a PDF on the DVLA website and LCGB most certainly IS on the list however this is nothing to do with Authentications (or what are commonly called Dating Letters)

I am sorry that my Dating Letter has not been accepted and wish to point out that this is the very first time that this reason has been given as a rejection, however unreasonable rejections are becoming commonplace and very frustrating for both the applicant and the issuer.

Hope that this helps a little,

Richard Oswald
LCGB Registrar
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Rich Oswald
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Re: DVLA cock up

Postby solostax » Wed May 15, 2019 5:10 pm

Thanks Rich
The Servetta in question is 1982, and to kill two birds etc I had it MOTd and insured to enable registration and tax in one.The problem with the telephone enquiry service is that they will not resolve specific problems ,but read over the phone the text of the rejection letter.I will forward the points they raise.
Because there seems to be inconsistency in their processing I will endeavor to forward the eventual successful application form when it is accepted and hope this may serve as a reference for future applicants.
Your point re frustration would apply to applicant and issuer ,only if the issuer gives a dam...which I doubt .Otherwise they would tackle the cause of inconsistent application rejection.
Hoping this experience might eliminate future LCGB member's application problems.
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Re: DVLA cock up

Postby solostax » Fri May 17, 2019 10:18 pm

To whom it may concern
In the interests of LCGB members who might want to beat any changes to the current rules that Brexit might change regarding import /duty /EU concessions etc can we work to formulate a foolproof checklist to streamline applications? By working through any reason given to decline an application we might find the right formula.
Although I want to get my registration through with the minimum of fuss, I am curious as to the reasons some members have encountered random problems whilst others have breezed it ,I put it down to the individuals that process these applications at DVLA interpreting the rules inconsistently.

After reading all published advice and completing the form I quote my original letter accompanying the completed application form to DVLA:

Dear Sir / Madam
Please find enclosed V55/5 form for the issue of an age related number plate.
I attach the following:
Cheque £55 for registration fee.
Cheque £43 for road tax.
Insurance cover note for frame number SX-200-563xxx(Original) .
HMRC letter with Nova reference number for this vehicle SX-200-563xxx.(Original)
MOT certificate for this vehicle SX-200-563xxx.(Original)
Vehicle dating certificate issued by the Lambretta Club Great Britain. (Original)
Photocopied letters confirming my name and address: -Postal Voting Card.,Council Tax Bill, Bank letter ,British Gas letter..NHS letter….Photocard driving licence…..Portsmouth City OAP bus pass.
I trust the form is filled in correctly and look forward to getting the scooter on the road.
Yours sincerely

Following on from the last post, here is the letter of rejection from DVLA.

Dear ……
Vehicle Identification Number:SX200563xxx
I have to reject your first registration application(s) because of the reasons given below:
“You have not enclosed your original non-UK registration certificate or export certificate.In order to register an imported vehicle you must provide the original non-UK registration certificate or export certificate,photocopies are not acceptable.If the original document is not available, you must send a letter of explanation and any other import/proof of purchase documents you have that relate to the vehicle (e.g.shipping documents ,invoices) together with evidence of the vehicle’s date of manufacture.Date of manufacture evidence must come from the vehicle manufacturer.If the vehicle manufacturer is no longer in existence or is unable to provide dating evidence we will consider accepting dating evidence from an alternative reliable source such as a vehicle owners club or enthusiasts club.Details of some vehicle owners clubs can be found in the list of vehicle owners club (v765/1) which is available from vehicles.
Your application(s) and supporting documents are enclosed.If you wish to re-apply please return your original application(s) amending the date of first registration if required,and the correct documents with this letter in the enclosed envelope (please ensure you affix the correct postage for size and weight)
For further information go to
Yours sincerely "

T Morgan

Please note that when this text was read to me over the phone by the person fielding enquiries,I put it that the import / documents had already been satisfied by virtue a HMRC letter with Nova certification.This Nova implies that import documentation requirement has been met and further invites me to proceed with Registration and Tax .This seemed to make sense and so her emphasis was then given to the probable reason for rejection was that I hadn't satisfied the Date of Manufacture evidence requirement and that LCGB was not listed as the reliable source.

I have written back returning my original documentation with the following :

Dear T Morgan ,sir / madam

I am disappointed to receive my application returned as I believe I have completed the form with all known information .I am at a loss to understand what further information you need.
I re-submit the original form and documents with only this letter explaining the circumstances of my possession.
If this application again fails could you please be more specific for the reason(s)?

Since buying the scooter February 2014 ,which came together with the accompanying Nova letter detailing the scooters identity,I have returned the vehicle to a roadworthy condition and had it MOT tested, insured on the frame number and planning on riding the scooter.
I have no other documents pertaining to its previous existence in Spain or import / export paperwork other than the HM Customs letter linking the frame number ,make/model ,with Nova reference (NOVA14P713326). The Nova document clears the vehicle for application to register and tax with yourselves (DVLA) .This document accompanied my original application .

As I had included the original Dating letter from the LCGB ,why is this not acceptable as a reliable source? For you have singled out the requirement to re-supply dating evidence but are apparently satisfied with the other ten documents that were included in my original application.

Yours sincerely

I suspect others have had similar problems but not reported their experiences, so with the benefit of co-operation we might eliminate future problems.

Best Regards
Mark (solostax)
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