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Exhausted with my exhaust!

Need help with a tuning kit, how do you tune your scooter, which kit should I choose, and all general tuning and modifcations questions are for in here.

Exhausted with my exhaust!

Postby shane BBoys » Fri Sep 13, 2019 11:03 pm

I’ve had a V old NK on my TS for ages and repaired, welded, added a rear support but the last straw today was the bloody thing slowly giving way at the welds by the end can joint. 15 miles of it getting louder and louder all the way home. Anyhow I have a JL 3 under 1 of the kids beds ( meant for another build ) but was thinking get a JL TS stub and stick it on! So my question is are any of you using a JL 3 on a TS with a 35 TMX. There gearbox is unknown as it was built over 12 years ago and age is taking over.
Cheers Shane.
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shane BBoys
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Re: Exhausted with my exhaust!

Postby corrado » Thu Sep 19, 2019 8:56 pm

Exhaust choice is so heavily based on gearing that it's not really possible to give a good answer without knowing what the gearing is.
JL3 was always middle of the range so should work out with most set ups but definitely unlikely to get the best out of your engine, more or less superseded by the Supertourer.
35mm carb will only give better performance than a 30mm at the very top of the rev range but a JL3 won't get you to the top of your rev range, in which case the 35 is overkill.
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