Authenticate your Lambretta

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Please Note : By submitting your Dating or V765 application to us, you consent to us holding your personal data on this basis.

1st Registrations of Imported Vehicles

PLEASE NOTE - We now only accept online applications for First Registrations

This section is for vehicles that have never been registered/authenticated in the UK before or ones where the original number plate cannot re-allocated due to lack of evidence.

The LCGB can supply a dating letter to enable you to apply to the DVLA for an age-related number plate.

Please note that if you are using any of the external professional registrations services to authenticate your Lambretta which are advertised widely, it is advisable to obtain your L.C.G.B. Dating Letter first before submission to them as they may use a rival authentication service or one which is not authorised to do so.

NOTE - You must also send to us a full frame rubbing or photo in electronic form by attaching your picture file to the email. (Sent on the next screen)

In addition to the above, we also require payment. This must be via Paypal ONLY using the link on the RHS (in red) where it says : Pay Here Via Paypal OR by using the link on RHS of the NEXT page along with your online application details.

Please note, we can not process applications at the members price (£11) without a current membership number on the application form.

We will then return your dating letter plus an explanation of what to do next. You will also require an MOT * and Nova to complete your application to DVLA. (MOT and Nova are not required to apply for a dating letter).


*Due to new government legislation introduced on May 20th 2018, MOT is now not required for vehicles over 40 years old (rolling on year to year and that is presently manufactured before 1st January 1983). On First Registration we are advising applicants for first registrations to fill in a V112 form (available from major Postal Offices that do Vehicle Taxations) and submit it along with their V55/5 form. This form (V112) declares the scooter as a “Vehicle of Historic Interest” and will allow Road Tax and MOT exemption. Many people are now still getting an MOT on their scooters for piece of mind, however if it fails it will be classed as unroadworthy and should not be used on the road.

Please note if we cannot read your frame rubbing or make out the stamp on the photograph we cannot process your application and it will be returned to you.

All imported vehicles will require a NOVA form this can be obtained from the NOVA office contact 0300 200 3700. The LCGB have no dealings with HMRC so we can’t supply forms for them.


Please email your Frame Photo picture files to :

Registration Contact : Richard Oswald – 07980 937995

Paul Todd – General Registration enquiries :

One of our team will get back to you. Please remember we are all volunteers so this may take a couple of days.