Tuning & Performance Introduction

The topics, answers and general information covered in these pages have mainly been taken from answers in the technical help pages. The topics and parts mentioned are intended as a guide only, and you should seak the advise of a professional tuner in all circumstances.

There are many ways to skin a cat, and the trouble with any form of tuning is that there will always be difference in opinions. No two shops / tuners / people will often agree on the best course of action to upgrade your Lambretta. So who is right, who can you trust? In short the answer is an impossible one to say, if I say Tuning kit A) is best, somebody will have always had a problem or found something that is better. It is like going to a restaurant, there is always a choice on the menu, while Mr X or Shop A will tell you to eat chicken as it is the best, there are plenty of other options that are just as edible and tasty. Most tuners have different ideas of what works best, whether to have a high revving engine, or and engine with good low down torque, the ultimate answer lies with you. What do you use your scooter for, rallies and touring, lots of two up and luggage work, or thrashing around town. This question would totally control what level of tune or components or kits you would choose.
One important factor to remember is the condition engine in general. In most cases any of the parts covered on these pages are designed to give you more speed and or power, parts such as your crankshaft, stator, clutch, bearings, seals and other engine items would in just about every single case need to be upgraded or replaced to start with, before carrying out any form of tuning. It is highly unlikely that by fitting just a kit or tuning part to a standard Lambretta engine you could expect trouble free running, please seek further advice at the time of purchasing any products.
Another important point about tuning, especially with carburettors and jetting, is that while you may be able to get expert advise, on the whole this advise is just a starting point to which you are responsible for the correct operation and reliability of, don't take Mr X's word for it that setting Y is correct, you need to make sure yourself. While some will not agree with me, mainly shops, I would say that if a shop sets your scoot up fine, they are responsible, but as with most things Lambretta, riders always want to tinker and adjust, fit themselves and maintain things, fine but get it wrong and then people will start to tell you Vespas are more reliable! One quote quite blatantly stolen from a well know dealers web site which we should all remember is as follows
For some particular reason to the scooter scene a customer buys a product from one dealer, e.g. an electronic kit and then rings another dealer to ask how to fit it. If you buy a television from Dixons you don't ring up curry's and say, "I am having problems tuning it in".
There are many ways to upgrade your Lambretta, from polishing the ports to bolting on a new part, some parts or modifications will need others to make them work, there is no easy set way to write a complete guide like this because as mentioned somebody somewhere will disagree. Whilst these pages are not the complete and utter truth, they are an un biased and hopefully fair reflection of what you can spend your money on. But just remember at the end of the day there are limits to how fast you can go on an old vintage shopping scooter and still retain reliability despite what anybody will tell you.

I would like to thank Adam Winstone with helping me to write and check these articles.