COVID-19 News

Scooter Registrations Update

***NEW*** There is now a new 'Covid-friendly' method of sending us your scooter registrations and/or requests for
replacement letters. You may now do this electronically via the Scooter Registrations Page.
This is now our preferred method. (Although you can still use post if you wish).

Note - This only applies to 1st Registrations and Replacement Letters. V765 registrations must still be done by post.

Please be aware that Dating Letters will still be issued as normal however it's possible they may take a few days
longer than usual so please be patient.

LCGB Merchandise Page

New items coming soon on the LCGB Merchandise page ==> HERE.

New Memberships and Renewals

Memberships can now be posted to Echo although online is still the favoured method. The staff are now working
back in the office although in a reduced capacity so there may still be delays. Thank you for your patience
and co-operation.

New BSM Update

A further update regarding the LCGB BSM Championships 2020.

As of today 11th May 2020 the LCGB committee have taken the decision to abandon the remainder of the
championships for 2020. There will be no championship in 2020, and the points from event 1 will not
count towards any kind of final positions. We have taken this decision as it is unlikely that venues which hosts rallies of our
nature will beopen for many months to come. We are sure you will all agree, our individual focus at the moment should be on
remaining to stay safe and protect ourselves and our loved ones from this deadly virus. Scootering will return to normal for
us in the not too distant future.

Best Regards - LCGB Committee

Welcome to the Official LCGB Website.

The World's biggest Lambretta club by miles.
Everything you need from purchasing to running or restoring your Lambretta is available within the LCGB. For further information on joining and enjoying the benefits, click HERE for details.

Site Last Updated : 16th November 2020
Further Scooter Registrations Refinements

In 2020 the L.C.G.B. has decided on a joint sponsorship of two charities :


Are you interested in racing? Click here for more info about LCGB Production Class

The LCGB promotes RIDING Lambrettas. This is why...

This video was made by Mike Oxley, an LCGB member who does not get any commercial gain from his videos. If you would like to see more of his scooter videos or get notifications when new ones are uploaded, visit his youtube site where you can subscribe: or join the SCOOTERS AND RIDERS group on Facebook.

NEW - You can view new and archived videos by clicking here

Scooter Restorations

Dating Certificates help you with DVLA.
Lambrettas which are imported or sometimes restored, will need to be legally registered with DVLA for UK Roads. DVLA accept LCGB Authentication Letters to make the process MUCH easier. Click HERE for details

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