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Lambretta Workshop

Working on your own scooter is something that can give you joy and pleasure, but please remember that a Lambretta is a machine that is many years old and can need care and attention. There are quite a few tasks that do need specialist tools that are specific to a Lambretta, while others can be found in most peoples tool boxes already. Making your scooter safe and reliable will give you the most benefit and fun, so don't cut corners, if in doubt seek advise. Some jobs listed in here are easier then others, so to help you we have a spanner rating for each job.

The workshop section contains all manner of help for you and your Lambretta. The LCGB is as with all other National Lambretta clubs dedicated to preserving all things Lambretta. To help us all in maintaining the numbers of Lambretta's still in existence, we have and continue to gather as much historical information as we possible can. Records produced by Innocenti for technical assistance to dealers do exist, but these are mainly in the hands of private collectors now, so most of our facts and information have been built up from information and knowledge gained over the years.

Some information can be specific from market to market, as many countries importers quite often changed the basic specification of their scooters to appeal to their home markets. The Lambretta colours page contains all known colour options from the Innocenti factory, along with their respective codes, again through many peoples hard work it is even possible to get modern paints matched to these codes.

Finally, if you question is not answered in here, we have on the site set up a Frequently Asked Questions page, and also for general help and advice on all matters of your Lambretta, you may want to post a question on our technical help message board. Hopefully we should cover on this site just about any question may may ever need to ask about for your Lambretta, but of course feel free to contact us if you need further assistance with your scooter!