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Postby robd » Thu Jul 31, 2014 1:12 am

At some point today (31/07/14) this forum will be put into maintenance mode (effectively you won't be able to log in). For a period of approx 3-4 hours it will remain inaccessible whilst it is being migrated onto our new server. When this has been completed you will be able to get to the forum at the slightly different address of (the new server is ready but the forum there is currently disabled).

Once the migration has been completed we will repoint the address to the new server and things will be back to normal. All accounts, passwords, posts, PM's etc will be taken across.

If you only log on once a day this all may happen without you noticing.

I speak on behalf of all the admin team when I say that we really appreciate your patience and continued support throughout the recent hardware and software problems we've experienced. We sincerely hope that this migration will be the last time you'll be inconvenienced for the foreseeable future. I can honestly say that we've spent more time addressing problems with the forums in the last three months than in the previous 13 years so no one wants things fixed more than us!

Just for info, we have moved to a UK server company (the current and previous servers have been based in the US) and have implemented a much more comprehensive and resilient backup schedule. Preliminary testing has shown that the forum runs significantly faster on the new server too which is an added bonus.

See you on the other side ;)


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Postby Toot » Thu Jul 31, 2014 7:05 am

Really appreciate everything you, Weeks, and all the others involved, have done to make this happen.

Remind me to buy you a pint of two, next time I see you.
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