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Indian Lambretta, API, SIL etc.

Need specific detail for a particular model, or just found something strange and interesting and want to know if its original. All attention to detail seekers report here!
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Indian Lambretta, API, SIL etc.

Postby Paul Slack » Thu May 15, 2014 5:26 pm

Please note the anoraks corner designed to achieve attention to detail of facts including the history of the model, information maybe used for the main website, so your help and posts will go on to help others. By posting you agree to letting the LCGB use this information for its web site.

Please discuss detail for any Model Indian Lambretta, API, SIL etc.
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Paul Slack
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Re: Indian Lambretta, API, SIL etc.

Postby Marty ULC » Sun Sep 07, 2014 7:48 pm

I've what used to be an old Reghams dominator, owned since 86 and it's an 82 model.
Always believed it to be a GP200 but a couple of things don't ring true, it originally had a vin plate under the toolbox (is it true they're only found on gp/vijay150?) also the frame number prefix looks like the all-important 2 is a slightly different font than the others.
Did Reghams only put out 200cc dominators?
If so would they have put 200 motors in 150 frames?
Would SIL have exported GP200s with vin-plates and iffy frame prefixes?
If not then I can only assume that one of the previous owners put a 200 lump in one and altered the prefix but then registered it as a 125 (that's what it was registered as when I bought it)

I'm not planning on selling the bike as she's priceless to me, just curious what her true identity is.
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Marty ULC
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Re: Indian Lambretta, API, SIL etc.

Postby Dimitrios_231 » Thu Jan 22, 2015 11:38 pm

Badges from the 80s

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Re: Indian Lambretta, API, SIL etc.

Postby Postie » Sat Jul 23, 2016 12:15 pm


My Dad has just bought a project 1974 API Li 150 Series 2 as a garage find. The scoot is in good condition, but some of the bits are missing. Does anyone have any photographs of API's to post up so we can see what is correct for this bike, for example we believe that the API had a black plastic rear light whereas this API has an alloy one. The fuel tap is a black plastic one......can these still be bought ........................Your snaps and advice would help this project.

Thank you

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Re: Indian Lambretta, API, SIL etc.

Postby nickw » Tue Jul 26, 2016 6:08 pm

You could ask Paul at Scooter restorations. I expect he has some pictures
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Re: Indian Lambretta, API, SIL etc.

Postby Postie » Thu Aug 04, 2016 11:28 am

Thanks Nick
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Re: Indian Lambretta, API, SIL etc.

Postby Mitch » Tue Nov 21, 2017 11:50 pm

Does anyone know what the numbers are that are stamped along the side of the engine mount on a Vijay? I don’t mean the silent block but the part of the engine that houses it, exhaust side. On mine it starts with a letter B then has five numbers following.
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