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Anyone else seen this?

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Anyone else seen this?

Postby Steve J » Fri May 17, 2019 10:46 am

Whilst looking online for some Ld related stuff, I came across these:-

From what I can tell, a company in California, Bar Italia Classics, built up three D/LD machines last year, with much modified engines and ran them to a major Lambretta event (Lambretta Jubilee 2018), collecting a few trophies in the process. I don't recognise the cylinders and heads, but as Bar Italia Classics do a lot of works with V**pas, I wonder if they may be from earlier piston ported engines, such as the GS160. Looks like a PHBL carb and reed valve as well, plus some welding around the crankcase neck.

It does appear that they discovered the inherent weakness of the crankshafts, though, needing a couple of replacements during the road trip..... :(
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