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About the Lambretta Club of Great Britain (LCGB) Forum Rules:

Our rules are designed to ensure users feel safe and keen to participate. Failure to abide by them will result in a warning or a user being banned, either temporarily or permanently from the forums. LCGB administrators and moderators reserve the right to edit, delete or lock entire threads whenever it is felt that the rules are being broken or to delete forum user accounts without notice. Your LCGB Membership does not entitle you to break the terms of forum use with impunity.

The LCGB Moderator Team reserve the right to update or amend these rules without notice at any time.

General Behavior

Respect other forum users – Do not flame (abuse or criticise) other members, particularly new members, either on the forums or via the Private Messaging system. If you witness a forum member abusing other users, alert a member of the moderation staff. Remember, as new members join the LCGB forums, certain topics may be raised that have already been covered. Be patient with people who may be new to the site or even to Lambretta ownership.

The above principals are not hard to follow.

The LCGB allows a fairly relaxed forum atmosphere but if you take advantage of that we will be forced to act appropriately.

LCGB Moderator Team

LCGB Forum Rules

Rule 1:
The forums are intended for help and advice with all apsects of repairing, riding and owning a Lambretta. Off topic messages or material will be removed.

Rule 2:
You may not post topics regarding discontent of shops, products or services. Any issue you have with a supplying dealer should be dealt with directly. This rule also applies to e-bay or other internet sales and auction sites and its users.

Rule 3:
Please post in English. It is acceptable to post foreign information if the poster translates the message as necessary.

Rule 4:
Advertising within the LCGB forum or Private Messaging is not allowed under any circumstances, except of course by non-commercial users in the ‘For Sale’ section. Members may mention relevant, commercial websites as long as they support your comment. Companies advertising may be invoiced for the appropriate fee for commercial advertising. Our charges are explained on the main LCGB website. Please note: to clarify, the Terms of Commercial Advertising, whether trade or a private individual; you produce, manufacture, supply a product or products to sell to others. If you are in any doubt as to whether you qualify as commercial or trade, please contact a moderator first, thus avoiding any confusion. Ignorance of this rule will not ensure a free advert. If you tout for business on the forums or Private Messages, you will be invoiced for advertising.

Rule 5:
Do not use insulting, threatening or provoking language, whether it be on the basis of race, religion, politics, gender, nationality or sexuality - or any other personal characteristic. This includes swearing, use of hate-speech or making obscene or vulgar comments.

Rule 6:
Do not make posts, which are libelous, condone illegal activity or are a contempt of court (i.e. writing anything that might affect the outcome of an approaching court case).

Rule 7:
Do not post illegal material or links breaching UK Law. This includes but is not limited to; links to illegal downloads of applications, games, copyrighted images or material, movies, music or anything else that is being illegally distributed. Do not post or provide links to hacks, key-gens, serials and file-sharing services. Users that post, ask for or encourage this, either on the forums or via Private Messaging will be banned.

Rule 8:
You may post a small amount of third party material, but to avoid breaching copyright you must credit the author and publication. Wherever possible, please provide a link to the material instead.

Rule 9:
Don't post the same message/comment to more than one forum. If a message is posted in the wrong area, simply ask for it to be moved to a more appropriate place.

Rule 10:
You may not impersonate or falsely claim to represent a person or organisation. Misleading other users by abusing the registration procedure will result in the account being terminated immediately. Additionally, companies must not register false user names to promote their company or services.

Rule 11:
Do not post private addresses or phone numbers, including your own. You may post email addresses, as long as it is made clear who they belong to.

Rule 12:
Attempting to post invitations (either on the forum, or via private messaging to individual users) to MLM/Pyramid schemes may result in a warning or instant ban. Do not post adverts or links to such sites.

Rule 13:
If a post is edited, or a thread is locked or deleted, we may give an explanation - unless it is totally obvious that it broke one (or more) of the rules. Do not restart a thread or ask on the forum why the message/thread was removed. These messages will also be deleted and a warning given.

Rule 14:
You may edit your post at a later date, but please do not abuse this by changing a message to discredit people who have replied. If you need to change a significant portion of your message, please insert the word 'Edit:' and explain what has been changed. If you wish to retract a message completely, please delete it (or ask for it to be removed).

Rule 15:
When replying to a message in any thread, please quote selectively and resist the temptation to quote the whole message to add an 'I agree' type reply. Other users can already see the original message/s above yours.

Rule 16:
Please do not post messages simply to increase your post count. The LCGB does not reward users who reach 1000, 10000 or 100000 posts. Anyone who is clearly trying to up his or her post count without contributing anything useful will be given a warning. These messages will be deleted, which consequently lowers the post count. Don't waste your time!

Rule 17:
If you receive a number of warnings, on or off the forum, we reserve the right to delete your forum account - and if necessary ban you from returning.

Rule 18:
If, for any reason your forum account is no longer live, we reserve the right to retain any or all contributions made to the forums during your activity on the LCGB forums.

Rule 19:
The Wanted / For Sale section is for Lambretta related items only and all items For Sale must list the price wanted ......... Simply listing items with "Offers" isn't permitted.
Please use the Internal Message facility to conduct final details of any member to member sale.

By posting on the Forums, it is understood you have read and accepted these rules, which are posted here as a reminder and were agreed upon when you signed up to join the forum when you submitted your details and accepted these terms.

Your support and understanding is appreciated

LCGB Moderator Team


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