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Round 8: Cadwell Park 24th/25th Sept

Catch up with the LCGB Sponsored Production Class riders competing in the 2017 BSSO Championship.
Regular updates and results. Plus full 2016 Production Class archive.

Round 8: Cadwell Park 24th/25th Sept

Postby weeks » Mon Oct 03, 2016 3:25 pm


Round 8: Cadwell Park 24th/25th Sept

Number 78
Barrie Braithwaite LCGB 191

Photo says it all .............. Well done mate ;) .......... Details in future JetSet


Number 36
Mike Davis LCGB 2537
Ex Scooter Race Champion now competing in the LCGB Production Class ............ Profile feature in future JetSet :)


Production Class Results - Round 8

Race 1: Barrie Braithwaite / James Lancaster / Josh Foreman / Bob West / Zac Tingle / Tim Simpson / Patrick Wickham / Carl Fox / Taylor Sturgess / Graham Lake / DNF Andrew Walker / DNF Mike Davis / DNS Stephen Hamilton
Race 3: James Lancaster / Barrie Braithwaite / Bob West / Zac Tingle / Mike Davis / Tim Simpson / Patrick Wickham / Andy Walker / Graham Lake / DNF Carl Fox / DNF Josh Foreman / DNF Taylor Sturgess / DNS Stephen Hamilton
Race 3: Barrie Braithwaite / James Lancaster / Zac Tingle / Mike Davis / Bob West / Tim Simpson / Josh Foreman / Taylor Sturgess / Graham Lake / DNS Andrew Walker / DNS Graham Lake / DNS Carl Fox / DNS Stephen Hamilton
Race 4: Race cancelled due to a serious motorcycle accident.

Pictures by Neil Kirby and David Williams ............. Thanks for your fantastic photos all season long its much appreciated fellas :)

If any LCGB members have any LCGB Production Class photos of any of the LCGB competitors PLEASE contact me.
I can only post those photos I either have access too or permission to use.
IM me here on the forum and I will forward my email address.

Any assistance appreciated ;)
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